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The Holiday Pines Water Treatment Plant is the largest of our two water treatment plants. At the Holiday Pines Water Treatment Plant groundwater is treated using a reverse osmosis process through goes through a multi-step treatment process:


Groundwater is pumped from the two wells onsite where it receives a two initial chemicals and passes through a pair of cartridge filters to adjust the pH, remove any larger particles from the water, and prepare it for the next step in the process.

Membrane Treatment

During this phase of the treatment process high pressure water is forced through thin, semi-permeable membranes, leaving unwanted contaminants behind. The clean water, with nearly all of the impurities removed, is blended with some of the groundwater and moves on to the final step in the treatment process. The remaining water left behind, called concentrate, is pumped to one of our wastewater treatment plants nearby.


Following Membrane Treatment the water is passed through a degasifier to remove gasses such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) that can pass through the membranes and has the pH adjusted. At this point the finished water is ready for disinfection and delivery to the distribution system.

Disinfection and Storage

The final step in producing safe, great tasting, drinking water is disinfection and storage. With the exception of the Sampson Subdivision all of the District’s potable water is disinfected using chloramines. Disinfection maintains safe drinking water as the water travels through miles of piping to your home. Lastly the finished water is stored in large ground storage tanks ready to be pumped out to our customers.