Water Reclamation

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The District's collection system is made up of more than 21 miles of gravity sewer lines, 65 pumping stations, and 35 miles of force mains conveying wastewater to five Water Reclamation Facilities throughout our system.

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The District owns and operates five wastewater treatment facilities throughout our service area. Each facility safely treats the wastewater received from the collection systems which is then used as a valuable supply of irrigation water in area golf courses and residential communities.

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What 2 Flush

You play an important role in protecting the environment and maintaining reliable service with every flush.

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Industrial Pretreatment Program

The District's Industrial Pretreatment Program provides for the regulation of wastewater discharges into the sanity sewer system to comply with State and Federal laws. The purpose of the program is to prevent the introduction of pollutants into the wastewater collection and treatment system. This is important to protect the public and the environment, protect workers from harm, prevent interference with the treatment process, and avoid damage to the equipment.

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