Fluorescent Bulb Recycling

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Fluorescent bulbs of all shapes and sizes contain a small amount of mercury and should not be thrown in the trash or your recycling cart. St. Lucie County residents and businesses may bring bulbs to the Solid Waste Baling & Recycling Facility. The Fluorescent Bulb Recycling Program is free for residents and costs just 20 cents per bulb for businesses!

To drop off Fluorescent Bulbs - 
Upon entering our facility, drive straight ahead to the Scale House, pull up on the scale closest to the building, let the operator know what items you are dropping off and they will direct you.

Solid Waste Baling & Recycling Facility 
6120 Glades Cut-Off Road 
Fort Pierce, FL 34981
Phone: 772-462-1768
Email: solidwaste@stlucieco.org