Electronic Recycling

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The Electronics "E-Waste" Recycling program is provided FREE of charge for all residents and businesses located within St. Lucie County.  Most unwanted electronics are recyclable!

Some examples of recyclable electronics are:

  •  Computers and Peripherals (Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse, Webcam, etc.)
  •  Copiers / Printers / Fax Machines / Scanners
  • Cords & Power Supplies
  •  CD / DVD / VHS Players
  •  Digital Cameras
  • Digital Clocks
  •  Electronic Games and other Hand-Held Electronics
  • MP3 Players and  iPods
  • Laptop Computers and Tablets
  •  Phones and Answering Machines (Home, Office and Cell Phones)
  • Radios and Stereo Systems
  •  Televisions and Computer Monitors
  • Video Game Systems & Accessories

If it is an electronic device with a circuit board, chances are that we can recycle it!

You can participate in this program by one of the following ways:

  • Bring your items to the Solid Waste Baling and Recycling Facility
  • If Waste Pro is your garbage hauler, give them a call at 772-595-9390 to schedule a pick up for FREE.

Businesses with large quantities of E-Waste must call 772-462-1768 to schedule a delivery time.

Solid Waste Baling & Recycling Facility
6120 Glades Cut-Off Road 
Fort Pierce, FL 34981
Phone: 772-462-1768
Email: solidwaste@stlucieco.org