Roadside Memorial Program

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In order to increase public awareness of highway safety, St. Lucie County has adopted a policy allowing placement of memorial markers within the County's rights of way. The policy provides guidance for the uniform placement of the markers to memorialize individuals who have died as a result of a vehicle related crash and remind motorists to protect human life by driving safely. The county will bear costs for the construction, installation, maintenance and removal of the memorial markers.

Request for Memorial Marker

Requests for memorial markers within the County Highway System rights of way shall be submitted to the St. Lucie County Road and Bridge Department. Requests may be made by immediate family members or friends, with requests from friends requiring the approval of the deceased’s immediate family. Click here for Request for Installation of Memorial Marker Application.

Once approved and installed, the memorial marker should remain in place for a minimum of one (1) year unless
it becomes necessary to remove the memorial marker for construction or maintenance purposes. If after one (1) year the memorial marker has been removed for any reason, it may be replaced by following the initial request procedure above.