Road and Bridge Division

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The Road and Bridge Division has three Operating Sections - Drainage, Maintenance and Traffic that are responsible for maintenance and repair of County drainage facilities, roadways, traffic signs and signals and heavy equipment maintenance.

Drainage Section

The Drainage Section is responsible for maintenance of over 1,100 miles of roadway swales and over 50 miles of canals. This includes maintenance of culverts and associated drainage structures.


Maintenance Section


The Maintenance Section is responsible for maintaining 540 miles of roadways. Road maintenance includes right-of-way mowing, pothole patching, shoulder repair, and grading of dirt roads.  This unit is also responsible for managing the roadway resurfacing program for the County.

Traffic Section


The Traffic Section is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of 57 traffic signals, fabrication and maintenance of 16,140 signs, street signs and specialty signs; maintenance of pavement markings and guardrail repairs. The Traffic Section also conducts traffic counts and traffic operation studies, as well as maintaining the County’s accident data base and Adopt-A-Road Program.