Intersection/Road Right-of-Way Safety Ordinance

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Intersection Road Right of Way Safety Ordinance (NO. 17-020)

It is the intent of this ordinance to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of St. Lucie County, to assure the free, orderly, undisrupted movement of motorized vehicles on public roads within St. Lucie County, and to provide for safety in the interest of pedestrians and occupants of motorized vehicles located on county roads within St. Lucie County. This Ordinance is not intended to control traffic, as that term is defined in Chapter 316, Florida Statutes. This Ordinance is intended to apply evenhandedly to all persons who engage in the activities proscribed herein, regardless of their purpose for occupying a designated area. This Ordinance is intended to be narrowly-tailored to serve the significant government interest of public safety. 

No pedestrian shall be upon, go upon, or occupy any designated area, except for (a) pedestrians while crossing a county road lawfully and directly, or (b) law-enforcement officers while carrying out their official duties.

The provisions of this Ordinance shall embrace all County roads that are open to motor vehicle traffic within the unincorporated boundaries of St. Lucie County. To download which intersections are impacted please click here


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