All St. Lucie County beach accesses will be closed July 3-5 to help slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Disaster Preparedness

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Division of Emergency Management

The St. Lucie County Division of Emergency Management has the responsibility for the planning, training and exercising of all government and non-government agencies integral to a coordinated response to all disasters.


The most talked about potential disaster in our area are hurricanes. St. Lucie County Division of Emergency Management provides awareness and information for such disasters as wildfires, severe weather and hazardous material incidents and educates residents by urging them to be prepared for any emergency.

As residents, it is easy to prepare for hurricane season. But are you READY for a 3AM knock on your door by law enforcement or fire rescue informing you have 5 minutes to evacuate your home?

We encourage and urge St. Lucie County residents to have a plan in place. To be prepared in case of any sudden onset incidents.

St. Lucie County Division of Emergency Management provides education and speaking engagements to better server you or your organization in preparing for any disaster. To check a presentation contact Emergency Operations Manager Gustavo Vilchez.

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