Spay/Neuter Programs

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White Dog Digging at Walton Rocks BeachSt. Lucie County Animal Safety, Services & Protection currently offers two Spay/Neuter Programs to the residents of the unincorporated areas of the County which are funded by the County’s Pet Licensing Program. Both programs requires the pet owner to purchase a County License at the time services have been rendered in order to be in compliance with County Ordinance 6-51. The program is limited to assisting with five animals per household in order to remain in compliance with County Ordinance 7.10.03 which restricts the number of animals allowed per household. 

Beginning October 1, 2019 all participants in either of the two spay/neuter programs will be required to have their pet microchipped at the expense of the owners if the pet is not already microchipped. This will help the Animal Safety, Services & Protection Division identify the owners of animals picked up as a stray so they can be returned home instead of being impounded to the Humane Society of St. Lucie County which will decrease the number of animals in our shelters.

Spay/Neuter Assistance Program

The Spay/Neuter Assistance Program covers the cost of a basic spay or neuter procedure for cats and dogs. The pet owner would be financially responsible for any additional costs associated with the surgery and/or post-op medications needed.

Rabies vaccinations are required by the Florida State Statute 828.30 and County Ordinance 6-27 for animals four months of age and older. If the animal is not current on a rabies vaccination, the pet owner would be financially responsible to cover the cost associated with the vaccination.

To apply for spay/neuter assistance, download and fill out the Spay/Neuter Assistance Program application. Choose your preferred veterinary clinic from the listed participating veterinary facilities.

 Spay/Neuter Assistance Program Application

It is advised that you contact the participating veterinary clinics to discuss any additional charges you may be responsible for before selecting a clinic and submitting the application to the Division. Send the completed application along with proof of residency (i.e. phone bill, utility bill, Driver’s License, ID card, etc…) to the Division for approval. Applications can be submitted via mail at:

St. Lucie County Animal Safety
Attn: Spay/Neuter Program
15305 W. Midway Rd
Ft. Pierce, FL 34945

*Be advised that Driver’s Licenses and ID cards do not come through fax (information is unreadable)

Applications are reviewed and processed once a week and the approved applications are sent to the selected veterinary clinics for scheduling via email. Prior to scheduling a spay/neuter procedure with one of the participating veterinary clinics, please wait for your application to be approved; the Division does not do expedited spay/neuter application approvals due to previously scheduled surgical appointments.

Outreach Spay/Neuter Program

The St. Lucie County Animal Safety, Services & Protection Division has partnered with Operation SOS to offer spay/neuter services in targeted high intake areas of the County that would benefit from these services in an effort to decrease pet overpopulation. These outreach events are prescheduled each month and are located in easily accessible areas within the targeted areas. We are currently working in the North end of the County near the Lakewood Park area and the Indrio Crossings Shopping Plaza has been gracious enough to host our outreach events in this plaza. Once we see a decline in the number of intakes from this targeted area we will identify another area within the County. This Outreach Initiative will take time to see an impact in the overpopulation numbers, but the efforts are worth the end result.

This program covers the cost of the spay/neuter procedure for cats and dogs as well as the cost for a rabies vaccination. The pet owner would be financially responsible for any additional services that they request (i.e. distemper vaccination, microchip, etc…).

The Spay/Neuter Outreach Program is handled completely by Operation SOS. What this means is that citizens of the unincorporated areas of St. Lucie County who would like to participate in this program would go directly to Operation SOS’s website to apply instead of submitting an application to the Animal Safety, Services & Protection Division. Operation SOS verifies eligibility, processes the requests and schedules each client for their surgical appointments. They also sell and issue the County Licenses at the time the surgical services have been rendered.

If you are unsure if you are reside within the unincorporated areas of St. Lucie County, search your address in the St. Lucie County Property Appraiser. If the Jurisdiction reads “Saint Lucie County”, you qualify for our program! If the Jurisdiction reads “Fort Pierce” or “Port Saint Lucie” you do not qualify for the County program; please check with the City Jurisdictions for spay/neuter services available.

Since Operation SOS is a mobile veterinary clinic space is limited in their mobile unit and cannot accept walk-in clients. To request an appointment please visit

When registering be sure to select the “St. Lucie County Program” on step 2 in the “Income Qualifier Document” section. On step 3, select “Indrio Crossings Plaza” in the “Location” section, select the date you would like the surgery to be performed, then choose “St Lucie County Voucher” in the “Add Package” section to get the Outreach Spay/Neuter Program discount. You can also choose to add additional services before selecting the “Request Appointment” icon or you can let the technician know at check-in on the day of your appointment if you would like any additional services. In order for your pet to qualify for this program they must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be between 2lbs and under 80lbs
  • Between 16 weeks and 7 years old
  • Males must have both testicles descended
  • Dogs must be presented on secure a leash
  • Cats must be in a secure carrier

Please be sure to keep your schedule open the day of your surgical appointment. Drop-off on your scheduled surgery date is between 8 - 8:30 a.m.; late arrivals will not be accepted and will not be rescheduled. Pick-up after the surgery has been completed is between 2 -4 p.m.