Animal Safety, Service & Protection

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Public Safety Director

Ron Parrish

Public Safety Assistant Director

Frank Amandro

Animal Safety Coordinator

Maria Valencia

Animal Safety Officers

Consuela Belezair
Lacey Castonguay

About The Animal Safety, Services & Protection Division  

St. Lucie County’s Animal Safety, Services & Protection Division (ASSP) is dedicated to serving the unincorporated areas of the residences in St. Lucie County. The ASSP works to maintain reduction of pets in the county by offering Spay/Neuter Assistance Programs along with education by providing information and enforcement of state and local statutes regarding the possession, ownership, care and custody of our pet population in order to ensure public safety and assist in the prevention of animal cruelty. 

As a Division of the Public Safety Department, the ASSP is comprised of one Coordinator and three Animal Safety Officers (ASO) which receives more than 13,500 animal complaints annually. Animal complaints consist of more than 120 bite reports and more than 275 are sick and injured animals. The ASSP investigates approximately 400 cases of animal cruelty and capture roughly 2,000 stray animals annually. 

The ASSP Office is located at 15305 W. Midway Road in Ft. Pierce. The office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm and is closed on national holidays. The ASSP does not operate a County run holding facility and the Humane Society of St. Lucie County is contracted to serve as the holding facility for all animals impounded by the ASSP. 

All calls for service for our ASOs go through the 9-1-1 dispatch unit. Calls for service include: 

  • Reporting an animal bite
  • Request for an animal welfare check
  • Reporting animal neglect, abuse or cruelty
  • Reporting sick or injured domestic animals, livestock and wildlife
  • Reporting domestic animals and livestock running loose
  • Stray domestic animals confined for pick up
  • *Nuisance domestic animals

*The Division does not respond to nuisance wildlife complaints. These complaints are handled by licensed nuisance trappers. 

You can reach our office to obtain general information at 772-462-8120. The office does not handle dispatching calls, please call our 9-1-1 dispatch unit and request an ASO for these types of calls. 

Animal Safety Officers work Monday through Friday and are only available on the weekends and after hours for emergency calls. After hours, all animal related complaints are handled by the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office (SLCSO) and forwarded to the ASSP for follow-up. The SLCSO may call an ASO out for calls that meet the following criteria: 

  • Vicious dog at large
  • Injured or sick animal
  • Severe bite incident
  • Livestock in the roadways
  • Orphaned wildlife
  • Wildlife inside a dwelling