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Welcome to St Lucie County GIS interactive mapping page. Here you will have the opportunity to use interactive maps to view and investigate land use data, such as property information, subdivision activity, zoning, recreational opportunities, and other features pertinent to land use within the unincorporated communities of St. Lucie County. We also include data layers on public services and infrastructure including roads, waterways, and transit routes. 

These GIS web applications offer tools for viewing and querying spatial and attribute data, allowing users to manipulate map data in various ways. You will be able to pan, zoom, measure distances, look up attribute information,and locate addresses. Different layers of data can be selected to appear on the map including; zoning, public facilities, bus routes, street names, aerial photos, and City boundaries. The MapViewer also offers a legend and map printing. 

These interactive maps were developed with the sole purpose of making our GIS more accessible to the general public, GIS users, and staff of St. Lucie County. 


CommunityFoodProgramWebMapCommunity Food Programs

This interactive map shows Community Food Programs (incl. food pantries and soup kitchens) located along bus routes in St Lucie County. Other points of interest incl. major employers, public facilities, medical centers, and shopping centers are also included. View map > >


Flood Plain Web Map

Flood Zones 

This interactive map contains the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS) for St Lucie County. These digital flood hazard maps provide an official depiction of flood hazard zones within our community. This is a great tool for analyzing a properties flood hazard potential. View map >>




 Land Use

This interactive map contains comprehensive land use information for St Lucie County, incl. parcel data, future land use, zoning, school sites, park and recreation sites, land use change petitions, development activities, and more. View map >>




ParksPreservesWebMapParks and Preserves

This communal map contains all of St Lucie Counties parks and preserves, along with the recreational opportunities available at each park. View map > >




 BusWebMapTreasure Coast Connector

This is a map of transit routes in St Lucie County including bus stops, inter-modal, and park & ride locations. Use this interactive map to find directions along bus routes from a point of origin to your destination. View map > >



VerticalControlMap2 Vertical Control Map

Search for Vertical Control Network points using this interactive map. St Lucie County benchmarks and NOAA vertical control points are included. This is a great tool for public and private surveyors to quickly and easily locate vertical reference points. View map > >



DISCLAIMER: St. Lucie County makes no warranty, representation or guaranty as to the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of any of the geodata information provided herein. These materials are provided as is, with the county free of any and all liability associated with the use of GIS related materials contained within these web pages.