Suite of Services

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St. Lucie County is open for business, poised for growth and ready to work on your behalf.  We offer location, hospitality and a large “Suite of Services” and have partnered with local businesses and key public and private agencies who are all working together in order to help move St. Lucie County forward in the right direction.  We’re making history, changing the face of government and are dedicated to creating opportunities that will help build economically sound and sustainable communities.


Business Navigator

The Business Navigator’s role is to assist all businesses with navigating internal and external regulatory processes, to promote job creation and growth and to act as a liaison between County staff, outside agencies and other business entities in order to provide a high quality customer service experience.


 Pre-Planning Consultation

  • Director’s DRC (Development Review Committee) meeting with key decision makers
  • Pre-Application Meeting
  • Site Development Assistance


    Our pre-planning meetings are designed to make sure applicants are in the know by asking relevant questions, identifying potential obstacles and finding useful solutions, so that projects move swiftly through the development process.


Ordinance 12-003 Waivers, Deferrals and Alternatives

  • Flexibility to evaluate applications on a case by case basis in order to make favorable determinations crucial to a projects survival


    Recognizing that development rules are in place in order to help facilitate orderly development, improve aesthetics, manage growth and protect the natural and built environment. The county created the Waivers, Deferrals and Alternatives process in order to work closely with applicants to find reasonable solutions to development challenges.


 Expedited Site Plan and Building Permit Review

  • Concurrent submittal and review of site plan and building permit applications


    Understanding time restraints and the need to move swiftly through the review process we offer a simultaneous site plan and build permit review.


Streamlined Business Tax Receipt Process

  • Close monitoring, assistance and follow up – Until Issued


    St. Lucie County is here to take you seamlessly through the process of opening your business by standing with you every step of the way.


 Economic Development Resources

  • Treasure Coast International Airport & Business Park
    • FAA Air Traffic Control Tower
    • Designated US Customs Port of Entry
    • On-Site Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Services
    • 3, 844 Acres Zoned Commercial and Industrial
    • Gateway to the Bahamas
    • Minutes away from FL Turnpike, I 95 and Port Access
    • Active Foreign Trade Zone #218


  • Port of Fort Pierce
    • 290 Acre Mixed Use Port (98 Undeveloped Acres)
    • Port Depth of 28ft
    • Unobstructed Ocean Access
    • Proximity to Historic Downtown Fort Pierce
    • Proximity to Port Canaveral to the North and Port Everglades to the South



Thondra Lanese, FRA, MSARP, Business Navigator
2300 Virginia Ave 
Fort Pierce, FL 34982