Common Code Violations

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Code:   7.10.03- Animals in a Residential District 
  • Explanation: You may not have more then 5 domestic pets in a residential zone. All barnyard and farm animals are prohibited from this zoning.

Code:   10-56: Certificate of Competency

  • Explanation: Any person and or company engaging in business as a contractor is required to have a certificate of competency. Please note that this is not the same as an Occupational License.

Code:   6.00.00 - Vegetation Removal Permits

  • Explanation: Before any clearing or removal of any vegetation contractors and homeowners should check with the Environmental Department.   A Permit or Exemption may be required.

Code:   *Revised* 8.00.03(F) LDC - Outside Storage Of Boats, Trailers, & RV's:

  • Explanation: No property can have more then 2 vehicles on their property unless over 1 acre. All boats, trailers, and RV's that are parked in the front of the property must be on a concrete pad, you can only have one vehicle in the front area of the property. 

Code:   7.10.14 - LDC Or 1-20-42 CCL - Commercial Vehicles In A Residential Zone:

  • Explanation: Any vehicle that weighs more then 10,000 lbs. GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) or has dual axles cannot be parked or stored in a residentially zoned area. These types of vehicles must be stored in a commercial zone. They are also not to be parked on any county right of way. 

Code:   Section 34-24 Code & Compiled Laws:

  • Explanation: Junk, Trash, and Debris on the Right Of Way. Any items disposed or placed on county right of way even for pick-up must be removed within a reasonable time. If your local pick-up service has not picked up your items, you should contact them, as you items may not meet regulations

Code:   Section 38-26 Code & Compiled Laws:

  • Explanation: Unserviceable or abandon vehicles, missing engine and body parts, flat tires, broken lights or windshield, or is not road worthy will be considered an unserviceable vehicle.

Code:   Section 11.05.01 LDC:

  • Explanation: LDC = Land Development Code - Building without a permit. Anytime renovations are made, a new structure is added, plumbing, electrical, fences, sheds, decks, docks, etc. have been altered a permit is required. Starting required work without the proper permits can result in Stop Work Order Fees - $100, Double Permit Fees, and Code Enforcement Board fines. If you are not sure that you need a permit you should contact the Building Department before beginning. You can call 462-1553 for information, and please be specific.

Code:   Section 38-97 Code & Compiled Laws:

  • Explanation: Unsanitary Nuisance - all property must be maintained as not to cause an unsanitary nuisance to surrounding properties. Overgrowth of grass and weeds are big causes of unsanitary nuisances.

Code:   Section 38-26 Code & Compiled Laws

  • Explanation: Junk, Trash, & Debris: Items stored outside, or left out side must be moved to a fully enclosed building. Such as: wood, metal, cans, building materials, furniture, etc. Carports are not fully enclosed buildings. Large accumulation of items will be considered junk or salvage and is not permitted in residential areas.