PDS: COVID-19 Update

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Updated 4-27-2020 

St. Lucie County remains open for business to support the community and the construction industry. We are accepting permits and plans at submittals@stlucieco.org. File attachment size is limited to 60 megs per email maximum. While personal contact remains discouraged, the main lobby of the administration building at 2300 Virginia Ave is available from 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday for drop of items that cannot be emailed or if in person contact is required. Please note, for items that are dropped off, we are accepting items by placing them into a bin which will not be handled for 2 business days to ensure safety of our personnel. Email and phone contact information is available on the website under Building Contacts to reach our staff.

Inspections continue to be accepted as normal and inspections are being performed on a daily basis. Inspectors have been asked to please respect social distancing and avoid contact of plans or documents on the site that have been handled by others. We are investigating software to allow for electronic versioning of plans and also investigating the availability of performing virtual inspections. As more information comes available on this front, we will continue to keep you updated and notified of any changes. 

Plan review is being performed in as quick a process as possible. Plan reviewers are having to get used to reviewing plans electronically and moving permits along as quickly as possible. We have checklists available on the website to ensure your submission is complete prior to submitting it. Please help us help you and verify the package is complete prior to send it in, or include a cover note to let us know what is to be provided at a later date.

This process is only applicable in the unincorporated St Lucie County and does not apply to the City of Port St Lucie (https://www.cityofpsl.com/government/departments/building), City of Fort Pierce (http://cityoffortpierce.com) or St Lucie Village (http://stlucievillagefl.gov/). Please see their respective websites for information on these municipalities.

Question can be directed to St. Lucie County Building Official Doug Harvey at 772-462-2186 or harveyd@stlucieco.org. This process is only applicable in unincorporated St. Lucie  

With the health and safety of our employees and customers in mind, the St. Lucie County Building Department will begin implementing the following measures:

• Effective Thursday, March 19, Building’s in-person services will temporarily be modified.
• Due to the Coronavirus, we are implementing a temporary change in policy to allow for ALL work to be submitted electronically. Contractors can submit building permits via email, regular mail or in the drop off area established in the lobby of the main building located at 2300 Virginia Ave. Ft. Pierce, FL 34982. Electronic submissions are preferred. At this time, cash will not be accepted, all payment will need to be check or credit card.

Temporarily, we will allow ALL permit packages to be scanned and emailed. Documents must be submitted as a PDF. All packages must be legible and complete.
PDF documentation may be submitted on a CD, USB Drive or via mail

Instructions on how to properly scan permit packages and label files is available on our site or via email from our counter personnel. Please contact us at 772-462-1553 or via email at submittals@stlucieco.org for details and to be provided with a copy of the checklist. Incomplete packages will be sent back via email or mail.

Permit submittals can be emailed to submittals@stlucieco.org. Maximum file attachment size per email may not exceed 60 Mb

• At this time the lobby will remain open for pickups of previously submitted paper permits.
• Please note, Florida State Statute states Homeowner Builders MUST submit in person. We are reviewing options for these types of permits and will provide updates when available.
• As always, Permitting Staff are available by phone at 772-462-1553

Contractor Licensing:
• Limited lobby access will be open to for questions or concerns. The public can call staff at 772- 462-1672 or you may contact Roxann Johnson via email at johnsonrox@stlucieco.org

Plan Review:
• Limited lobby access will be open to the public. Plans examiners can be reached via phone at 772-462-1553 or by email.

• Formboards and other paperwork can be emailed to submittals@stlucieco.org
• Revisions to plans can be emailed to submittals@stlucieco.org or dropped off in the lobby.

• At this time, all inspections will be conducted as normal. We ask for your protection as well as the protection of our inspectors that we all practice social distancing (maintaining separation) and avoid handshakes or other contact. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Pre-Build or Pre-CO Meetings:

• If you should require a Pre-Build or Pre-CO meeting, the Building Department please email harveyd@stlucieco.org

Meetings will be conducted via phone or virtually. We are currently establishing methods for performing this task and will continue to update this information as it comes available. We are encouraging ALL employees to maintain a 6-foot social distance between themselves and others, at all times.

The Building Department will strive to maintain all customer-established timelines during this time. Due to unforeseen circumstances and the ever-changing information from the CDC, these policies may change. Please check our website for the latest updates. Thank you for your understanding while we navigate these new changes.

How To Submit Applications Online 

To submit applications via email, please read the below:

1. Permit submittals can be emailed to submittals@stlucieco.org. Small permit packages, such as water heaters, fences, A/C changeout, small electrical, roofing, etc., may be submitted by fax to 772-462-6443 (maximum of 10 pages for a fax submission)

2. All electronic submissions must be a PDF file. Maximum file size at this time is 60 megs

3. All documents must be legible.

4. All documents must be scanned in a manner which retains aspect ratio allowing for electronic measurements using markup tools.

5. Photos of applications or supporting documents will NOT be accepted.

6. Documents that are signed and sealed by an engineer, should now be done electronically.

Please contact your engineer of record to obtain this. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact durdenw@stlucieco.org

7. Documents must be scanned together, by document type.

For example – Plans will be 1 file, survey a separate file, energy calcs separate, permit application separate, etc.

For one submittal, you may have 2-10 documents to upload.

8. Documents should be named appropriately. This is important for the complete process including the plan review. Below are our standard naming conventions for common document file types:

APPLICATION………. Building Permit Application

DESIGNAFF…………. Design Professional Affirmation (If applicable)

ENCODE ………….…. Energy Codes (Must be filled out and signed on the front page and display page for commercial, residential must include the name of the preparer)

ENG ……………….…… Engineering Approval (The red stamped copy must be submitted unless the permit request is a re-submittal)

FILLEDLAND………   Affidavit signed by the owner for drainage concurrency

IFEECRED …………... Impact Fee Credits (If applicable)

MANJ ……..…………. Manual J

NOC ………………….. Recorded Notice of Commencement

PLANS …………..…… Signed and Sealed Plans

PRODAPP …………… Product approval and wind load information must be included on the plans or a separate Product Approval Affidavit must be included

SUB …………………… Sub-Contractor agreements for all trades and ancillary work

SURV …………………. Plot Plan Surveys (Includes the house location)

TRUSSCUT …….…... Truss Cut Sheets (All signed and sealed truss engineering cut sheets) TRUSSLYT …….……. Truss Layout

UTILR ………………… Utility Receipt (Must be turned in before final inspection)

VEG …………………… For turtle relocation, disruption of lands and vegetation removal

9. For rework or revision submittals, please utilize the above naming conventions and add REV and the revision number in front of it. Must include Revision form cover sheet (downloadable)

Example – REV1-PLANS

10. When the permit is accepted, staff will contact the applicant to obtain payment. Payment can be made by credit card or check. Checks must be dropped off to the permit counter or mailed via USPS. Permit will not be considered accepted until permit package is complete, and payment has been made.

11. Once the permit is ready, staff will email back for any additional payment and the permit package will be emailed to you or available for download so you may print and retain on the jobsite for construction and inspections.

12. Building plans must be printed in standard 24”x36” for job sites, as applicable. Supporting documents can be 8 ½” x 11”. Inspection cards must be printed and protected from weather. All documents must be posted on the jobsite in order to obtain inspections. Temp procedure - created 3/18/2020 - The above is subject to change. Keep in mind, this is a temporary fix, put together quickly to allow the continuation of work. The Building Department wants to stress that we are here to work with you on achieving the common goal of plans submittal and compliance. To accomplish the goal we all need to work together. We will strive to continue to provide a high level of customer service and meet service goals during this time. If you should have any questions or suggestions, please contact permits@stlucieco.org or contact us at 772-462-1553.