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Volunteer Title:     Eco-Artist

Purpose of position:    Creating art from recyclables, reusables, and reimagined materials for Oxbow Eco-Center's Earth Day, St. Lucie's Procession of the Species, community outreach events, or landscape exhibits

Required/desired qualifications:     Creative, artistic, crafty, resourceful, inventive

Task and duties:     Using household or easily-sourced items being thrown away or recycled to create plants, animals or environmental scenes. Examples of materials: paper towel/toilet paper tubes, newspapers, an old ball or toys, empty laundry detergent bottles, etc.

Training requirements:     New Volunteer Orientation

Monitoring:     Regular check-in with Community Outreach Coordinator, sharing picture updates of project(s) in process

Time Commitment:     1-8 hours weekly, personal preference may include more

Time frame:     Ongoing - St. Lucie's Procession of the Species takes place the end of October, Earth Day event is mid-April

Scope of assignment:     Think of your favorite creature, plant or an endangered species you'd like to bring attention to, and create it using leftover household items. Many ideas can be found online by searching “Procession of the Species ideas”. Dream big!