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Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Oxbow Eco-Center. Are you interested in sharing the natural world with others? Looking to find other like-minded people to spend time doing something for the community? Then there's something for you at the Oxbow.

Oxbow Teams:

The Oxbow Volunteer Program is  organized into teams representing the different programs and initiatives that the Oxbow offers.  The objective of the team strategy is to allow for volunteers to take ownership of developing and implementing these programs and initiatives while creating mentor-ships between experienced and inexperienced volunteers. 


Team Categories:

Environmental Educators

The Environmental Educators Team assists with planning, implementing and developing new and exciting programs for youth, families, and the general public.   The Oxbow offers an array of science based curriculum for school field trips, outreaches, community groups, and others.

Botanical Stewards

Botanical Stewards have the green thumbs of our volunteer group.  They help to maintain the butterfly garden and species planted  around the VIP hiking trail that encircles the building.  In addition to maintain the garden(s), Botanical Stewards help with signage and developing/implementing garden based programing.  

Animal Caretakers

Animal caretakers cover all aspects of animal husbandry from feeding, water changes, maintaining cleanliness of enclosures, and animal enrichment.  They become well versed in animal handling and help to implement animal based interpretive programming.

Dirty Hands Crew

Getting dirty is part of the fun!  The Dirty Hands Crew helps with natural resource management on the Oxbow’s 225 acre preserve.  This crew works on everything from trail and building maintenance to invasive species management and much more. 

Friendly Faces

A significant aspect of what the Oxbow offers the public is specialized visitor services. The Friendly Faces Team is responsible for leading guided tours of the center, staffing the greeter desk, answering general inquiries, occasionally checking people out at the gift shop, and ensuring visitors have an overall positive experience.

Oxbow Archers

Oxbow Archers develop, schedule and implement safe and fun archery classes and competitions, train and certify other volunteers to assist in program implementation, and help build a team of archery mentors and students such that Oxbow archery programs continue well into the future.

Outdoor Architects

With ambition and imagination the possibilities are endless for Outdoor Architects!  This team utilizes both artistic and mechanically minded  volunteers to develop, coordinate, and fundraise for innovative new outdoor displays and activities. 

Community Connectors

Community Connectors represent the Oxbow at various outreach events from environmental festivals to guest speaking appearances for off-site school events, community groups and others.   They also help to design and create engaging activities and presentations for these events.

Staff Support

With all the great ideas flowing from our staff and volunteers, there are many projects on the horizon, but not enough resources to get them all accomplished.   Staff at the Oxbow welcome volunteers to help with tasks such as grant writing, volunteer coordination and administrative duties. 

Ready to volunteer?

Download the applications below and bring into the Oxbow Eco-Center (electronic copies will not be accepted).

Oxbow Volunteer Application

St. Lucie County Volunteer Application


If you would like more information about volunteering with the Oxbow Eco-Center, please contact us at:


5400 N. E. St. James Drive
Port St. Lucie, FL 34983
(772) 785-5833
Fax (772) 785-5834