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The Procession of the Species celebration has won the support of the St. Lucie County Superintendent of Schools and is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to blend curriculum, STEAM initiatives, and be involved with the local community. 

Why Participate?

1. Encourages integrated, project and place-based learning.

2. Supports STEAM initiatives.

3. Connects students to the natural world, promotes environmental awareness and stewardship.

4. Reaches a diverse array of learners through artistic expression.

5. Provides partnership opportunities for schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, civic groups and governmental agencies.

Who Can Participate?

Everyone can take part! This is an inclusive event: classes, clubs, bands, dance troupes, athletic teams...everyone!

Bring the Procession into your classroom!

1. Students (either individually or as a group) choose a favorite species, habitat or nature theme.

2. Students research their topic, incorporating reading, writing, public speaking, etc (Science, Geography, Language Arts)

3. Students design and create a costume or prop (sculpture, puppet, etc) to enter into the Procession parade. Whenever possible, use recyclable or re-purposed materials. (Art, Science, Math) Head over to our Costume Inspiration page for ideas! For more great visuals, go to, search "procession of the species".

4. Teacher/Leader submits a Procession of the Species Registration Form. There is NO FEE to participate!

5. Coordinate with administrators and parents to obtain permission slips, complete required school district forms, and arrange for transportation. ALL participants are required to sign a St Lucie County Release of Liability form, available by contacting Wren Underwood at  Participants under 18 years of age are required to have a Minor Release of Liability form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

6. Check in at the Procession staging area on Saturday October 26th, and take part in the parade!  See rules and guidelines at our Important Information for Participants tab.