SLCTV Grant Program

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The St. Lucie County's Communications Division s offers an annual grant program to local non-profits and government agencies, providing them with production services of a video public service announcement (PSA) up to 60-seconds in length. Grants are awarded based off a scoring criteria that evaluates the agency's need, stability and community engagement.


  1. To apply for a video production grant, agencies must have an office located in St. Lucie County for at least the past 12 months.
  2. Agencies applying must be a non-profit agency and provide official documentation to prove i
  3. Agencies can only apply for one video production grant per year.

The 2020 PSA Grant Cycle is Open (click here to apply)

Application Directions

  1. All SLCTV grant applications must be completed in full and signed. Applications will be available online once the process is open. 
  2. The properly completed application must be received by the Media Relations staff on or before 5 p.m. on the first Monday in March.
  3. Complete the application with specific answers. (“see attached,” etc. is not acceptable.)
  4. On a separate page, answer the narrative questions as requested on the application.
  5. Return the original application (pages 1-3), the narrative answer page(s), and a copy of the 501(c)3 or non-profit status in a folder or three-ring binder. Five (5) copies of the entire application should be submitted.
  6. Applications cannot exceed a total of 10 pages including all attachments in the following order: the application (pages 1-3), proof of non-profit status (page 4); list of Board of Directors (page 5); resume of Executive Director (page 6); narrative (pages 7-10).
  7. It is the responsibility of the grantee to meet the following:
  • Comply with all the terms of the grant contract, including agree-upon timelines and contribution
  • Provide the necessary information/documentation to create the public service announcement

Selection Process

  1. All applications will be reviewed by Media Relations for completeness. Incomplete applications will not be considered or evaluated.
  2. Grant applications will be reviewed by a five-member selection committee, appointed by the County Administrator or designee, including two staff members from the Communications Division. Grant scoring criteria are attached.
  3. Production on awarded grants may begin in March, but must be completed by December.
  4. Production services from SLCTV will not exceed more than 40 staff hours per grant.
  5. Agencies will be required to approve all final productions. Once written approval has been received by Media Relations, additional changes will not be provided unless the agency pays for those services.
  6. Final projects are not guaranteed airtime on SLCTV. SLCTV will only air public service announcements that meet the policies approved by the Board of County Commissioners.
  7. Final projects will be provided to the agencies in digital format. It is the responsibility of the agencies to distribute their final project to media outlets.