Presentation Guidelines

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Please be aware that Board of County Commission, St. Lucie County Code Compliance and Planning & Zoning Commission meetings held in the Commission Chambers are televised.

Presentation Procedures:

  • A member of the public wishing to make an electronic presentation or show a video to the Board of County Commissioners must submit a request to the County Administrator which must be approved by the Chair of the Board of County Commissioners.

  • Electronic presentations by a member of the public must be given to the Office of Media Relations no less than two (2) business days prior to meeting.

  • Electronic presentations should be in a Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF format.

  • Except for presentations by applicants for development approval, presentations must not exceed the 3-minute public comment limit. Exceptions can only be approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

Additional Information:

  • The text in all electronic presentations (Word, PowerPoint, PDF) should be at least 22 points or larger and in an easy-to-read font (Arial, Times, etc.)

  • All electronic presentations must be brought to the Commission Chambers on a CD, DVD or a portable USB Jump Drive.

  • If you have to bring in a presentation on a laptop - you must notify the Office of Media Relations in advance, and should also bring in a backup of the presentation on a CD, DVD or a portable USB Jump Drive.