Innovation and Performance Management

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OMB Innovation and Performance Management


The County's Innovation and Performance Management is a unit within the Office of Management and Budget.
This Division is responsible for the following:

  • Grants Administration and monitoring to bring more money to County departments and their community partners

  • Planning of the County's overall business strategy which allows the County to meet the goals in its operational areas that ultimately lead to achieving the County's vision. This area's focus is on improving performance, management of initiatives, and managing for results as a key strategy to help the County do the most important things well for what’s important to St. Lucie County (Service, Community, People). The Division is also responsible for the strategic framework assisting in identifying the county’s most important priorities and aligning department and program activities to reflect those priorities needed to help meet the County’s long term goals

  •  Debt Administration and Management of the County’s debt issuance, other debt obligations and debt repayment plan

  • Capital Improvement Management Plan which identifies capital projects and identifies funding sources usually on a five year short-range plan. This division focuses on sustaining and preserving the governmental entity’s infrastructure while ensuring the efficient use of public funds