The mission of the Office of Management and Budget is to provide information, analysis, and staff support sufficient for the County Administrator and Board of County Commissioners to make well informed financial, program and management decisions; to provide support, assistance and guidance to departments in effectively developing, managing and implementing their budgets; to manage the budgetary affairs of the County in an efficient and effective manner; and to encourage policy and procedures necessary for the County to enjoy sound fiscal health.


The Office of Management and Budget prepares and manages the County's annual budget. It is responsible for setting the budget schedule and procedures; estimating revenues for each fund; reviewing departmental budget requests; and recommending actions to the County Administrator. The office is also responsible for publishing and monitoring the budget; processing line-to-line transfers, budget amendments, and resolutions; coordinating grants management and assisting in the proper administration of grant programs; administering designated leases and contracts, preparing financial analyses, reviewing financing options, and providing budget information to the Board and public.


2018 SLC Sales Tax Initiative Audit (posted 9-4-18, per Fla. Statute 212.055, section 10)