An Additional Place to Find Ebooks & Digital Audiobooks

We've added a new place to find ebooks and digital audiobooks. While Overdrive will continue to be available, your library card will give you access to the CloudLibrary collection. CloudLibrary works pretty much like Overdrive, so there shouldn't be too much to learn. On a computer click here, or on a phone or tablet find and install the “CloudLibrary” app. The first time you'll need to search for "St. Lucie County Library."

The limits in CloudLibrary are the same as they are for Overdrive: 14-day checkout, 6 checkouts at one time, 6 holds and 5 purchase suggestions per month. 

Audiobooks transferred on June 27

On June 27 most of the audiobooks in Overdrive were transferred to CloudLibrary. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to automatically transfer the holds on audiobooks currently in Overdrive to CloudLibrary, but we transferred holds manually on titles that had 5 or more holds in Overdrive in the same order they appeared in Overdrive. Due to the fact that holds are constantly changing it's possible we missed some. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note, if you want to be notified by email when a CloudLibrary hold becomes available, you will need to go into your CloudLibrary settings and turn on email notifications. After you log in on a computer click on "Settings," and on the app click on "Account," then "Notifications." You'll need to turn that setting on and enter your email address. When a hold becomes available in CloudLibrary you'll have 3 days to check it out. If you haven't checked it out after 3 days the item becomes available to the next person.

Due to licensing issues, some audiobooks were not transferred. If you're notified that an Overdrive audiobook has become available after July 5, that book was one of the titles that wasn't transferred. They will remain in Overdrive and their holds will not be affected, but all future additions to our audiobook collection will appear in CloudLibrary. You can find a list of Overdrive audiobook titles that weren't transferred by clicking here. If an audiobook that was in Overdrive is not in the list, please check for it in CloudLibrary.

Kindle ebooks will be in Overdrive

Because of licensing issues all Kindle ebooks will continue to be in Overdrive, and we'll continue to add to our Kindle ebook collection as usual. So it'll be CloudLibrary for audiobooks, Overdrive for Kindle. Non-Kindle ebooks will appear in both places.


Why CloudLibrary?

For a relatively small fee, through CloudLibrary we'll have access to a large pool of ebooks and audiobooks shared among other libraries in the state, which will increase our overall collection much more than we could afford to any other way. As we know selection is important, this was an opportunity we believed we couldn't pass up.