Library Program Guidelines

The St. Lucie County Library System will present programs that are informational, educational, cultural and recreational to County residents of all ages.

These programs will often be presented in cooperation with local authors, experts, agencies and institutions, as well as other public and private resources.

Programs will be coordinated by Library Staff and planned to meet the interest and needs of community members of all ages and will represent the wide range of ideas and views contained in our materials collection.

The Library holds a variety of programs to:

(1) expand the Library’s role as a community resource
(2) introduce customers and non-users to Library resources
(3) provide entertainment
(4) provide opportunities for lifelong learning
(5) expand the visibility of the library

Ultimate responsibility for programming at the Library rests with the Library Manager, who, in turn, delegates the authority for program management to designated professional library staff.

In planning programs, the Library’s staff use the following criteria in making decisions about program topics, speakers, and accompanying resources:

(1) community needs and interests
(2) availability of program space
(3) treatment of content for intended audience
(4) presentation quality
(5) presenter background/qualifications in content area
(6) budget
(7) relevance to community interests and issues
(8) historical or educational significance
(9) connection to other community programs, exhibitions or events
(10) relation to Library collections, resources, exhibits and programs

In addition, the Library draws upon other community resources in developing programs and actively partners with other community agencies, organizations, educational and cultural institutions, and individuals to develop and present co-sponsored public programs for programming.

All Library Programs must be free and open to the public. All Library programs are designed to encourage equal participation by all who might wish to attend. Therefore, we make it a practice to not present programs that involve a materials fee.

No individual or organization who presents a program at the library is allowed to sell their product or service or collect names, addresses, and phone numbers of attendees during their presentation or during their time at the library.

Exempt from this are authors, film makers or performers who come to speak about published books they have authored, perform songs they have recorded, or show a film they have produced. Before or after the presentation, the author, filmmaker, performer, or his/her representative may unobtrusively sell copies of the published or recorded work.

Presentation at the library of any specific idea, strategy, financial plan or investment does not constitute an endorsement. Organizations or business affiliation will be used by the Library in our promotion of programs. This also does not constitute endorsement, merely acknowledgement.

Occasionally and with the approval of the County Administrator or his/her designee a facility use fee may be waived or reduced for organizations executing a written partnership agreement with the County/Library to provide needed or desired services in lieu of the facility use fee. As stated in the County’s Facilities Use Policy (adopted 4/3/2012), the estimated value of such services or other contributions shall be similar to the value of fees being waived or reduced. All such partnership agreements must be negotiated annually with the Library Manager or his/her designee.

Reviewed by the Library Manager February 2017