Confidentiality Policy

In recognizing the Library's position of special trust with members of the public, St. Lucie County desires to clarify its policy and responsibilities with regard to confidential information about patrons and patron use of Library resources that comes into the Library's possession.

To the extent allowed by law, the Library Division shall make a reasonable effort to see that information about patrons and their choices remains confidential. For people to make full and effective use of Library resources, they must feel unconstrained by the possibility that others may become aware of the books they read, the materials they use, the questions they ask, or information they are seeking. The awareness of the existence of such a possibility inhibits use of the Library, its resources and facilities.

Therefore, the St. Lucie County Board of County Commissioners has adopted the following guidelines concerning the disclosure of information about Library patrons. Except in accordance with a proper judicial order, as provided in Section 257.261 Florida Statutes or pursuant to Federal law, the County will not make known the following information:

  1. Patron's name (or whether an individual is or has been a registered patron).
  2. Patron's address, email address and telephone number.
  3. Library's circulation records which would include patron's barcode number and the materials that were checked out.
  4. Library's borrower records which would include patron names, addresses, telephone numbers or other information which would potentially identify a patron.

In accordance with Section 257.261 Florida Statutes, this policy does not apply to statistical reports of registration and circulation.

All County employees and Library volunteers shall comply with this confidentiality policy unless directed to do otherwise by the County Administrator upon the recommendation of the County Attorney.