Book Club in a Box Donation Guidelines

Operating since 2006, the St. Lucie County Library System’s Book Club in a Box program serves 55 or more book discussion groups each year and has an average annual circulation of over 325 book kits.

There are 150 titles currently available and each year the Library, in collaboration with generous donors, adds 12-15 new book kits.

If you would like to help this program grow, you may suggest a specific title with your donation, or donate $150 to cover the cost of a new book kit to be selected by the Library. Any titles suggested must meet the same standards and criteria that we use to select all of our books. If you have questions about a possible book choice please call 772-462-2199.

Occasionally, book clubs want to add to our collection by donating multiple member copies. We appreciate the gesture, but our preferred method is to identify particular books ahead of time. If your book group is considering this, please contact Jennifer Johnson first.