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Wireless Printing at Lewis Library

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At Lewis Branch Library you can now print wirelessly from your own laptop, tablet or phone. Here's how.

Print from your computer:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your printer, black and white for $.10 per page or color for $.50 per page, and enter your email address.
  3. Browse your computer to find and select the file you want to print.
  4. Click the green print icon. You'll see the status of your print job and a reference number.
  5. At the library’s Print Release Station select “Release a Print Job.”
  6. Select your print job in the list.

Print a document or photo using the app on your tablet or phone:

  1. Visit your device’s app store and search for "printeron." Install and launch the PrinterOn App.
  2. Click “Search” and search for “lewis branch.”
  3. Find “SLCLS Paula A Lewis Branch Library” and select either the “Black and White Printer” ($.10 per page) or the “Color Printer” ($.50 per page). To save a printer for later use, click on the “i” to see information about the printer, then click on the star at the top. A saved printer will appear in the list when you select “Saved.” To select a printer as your default printer, click on the “i” for information, then select the check mark at the top.
  4. To print a document while viewing it, click in the upper right corner and upload the document to the PrinterOn App. This does not work for emails--to print an email message please see the section below, "Print by emailing something directly to the library print system."
  5. To print documents or photos while not viewing them, click on "document" or “photo” and select the item you want to print.
  6. Select the printer and click the print icon.
  7. Enter an email address and click on the check mark (you will receive a notice that the job started, and shortly after another message stating “Job Success”).
  8. At the Print Release Station in the library, select “Release a Print Job,” find and select your print job.

Print by emailing something directly to the library print system (like an email):

  1. Email from any device directly to the library’s print system at for black and white printing ($.10 per page), or for color ($.50 per page) email it to
  2. At the Print Release Station in the library, select “Release a Print Job.”
  3. Find and select your print job in the list of print jobs.

To print a boarding pass:

To print a boarding pass you'll need to save the pass as a PDF document to your device, then print it as a document using one of the procedures described above.