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Roles and Responsibilities

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Roles and Responsibilities of the Library Advisory Board

  1. Provide input and recommendations, as invited and appropriate, in support of the governing authority’s interviewing and selection of the library manager, library manager orientation and training, and performance evaluation of the library manager.

  2. Assist the library manager in determining the library’s vision and mission.

  3. Participate in short-term, long-term, and strategic planning.

  4. Advocate for adequate resources.

  5. Assist in managing resources effectively and efficiently by providing guidance and recommendations to library management.

  6. Be familiar with and assist the library in communicating around resources, services, and public image.

  7. Provide a forum for public communication on library issues.

  8. Assist the library in assessment.

  9. Report library activities and issues back to the governing authority.

  10. Assist in succession planning for new board members by identifying and motivating others to serve on the advisory board when slots become available.

  11. Maintain knowledge of existing and new community populations.

  12. Participate in processes to ensure effective board teamwork.

  13. Maintain a knowledge of contemporary librarianship through training provided by the Florida State Library and the library and attendance at board meetings,committee meetings, other area community meetings, and professional association events such as the American Library Association and the Florida Library Association whenever possible.

  14. Be familiar with the library and its policies and procedures.

  15. Be aware of 21st century librarianship values and responsibilities such as copyright, confidentiality of patron records/data and the public’s right to information versus intellectual freedom.