How can I access the Library's free ebooks and online audiobooks? 

The Library's free ebooks and online audiobooks can be enjoyed on a phone, tablet, computer or e-reader. We have two sources for online books, Overdrive and CloudLibrary. To see how they differ please see the answer to the next question below. If you need help getting started please call any of the branch libraries listed below and staff will be happy to assist.

Overdrive has information on how to access their content on specific devices here.  For CloudLibrary, get the Android app here, the Apple app here. CloudLibrary has online help videos here

A St. Lucie County Library card is required. If you don't have a card, please call any of the branches listed below between 9 am and 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday and our staff will be happy to create a new account for you. Please have your contact information handy when you call, along with a pen and paper you can use to write down your account number if you’d like to use it immediately to check out ebooks. Your new card will be mailed to you.
Staff are available Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm at the Kilmer Branch (downtown Fort Pierce) 772-462-1615; Lakewood Park Branch (Santa Barbara Drive) 772-462-6870; Lewis Branch (Rosser Blvd.) 772-871-5470; and Port St. Lucie Branch (Prima Vista Blvd.) 772-871-5450..

What's the difference between Overdrive and Cloudlibrary?
Overdrive is where you'll find the most recent, most popular ebooks, including all of our books for Kindle readers (a Kindle Fire can access ebooks and audiobooks from both places). However, there are also plenty of ebooks in CloudLibrary, actually more than in Overdrive, but generally not recent best-sellers. If you're looking for older titles from your favorite author they'll most likely be found in CloudLibrary.

Most audiobooks are in CloudLibrary, including recent best-sellers, though at this time we plan to keep a small collection of audiobooks in Overdrive.

In Overdrive we have access only to content we've purchased. In CloudLibrary, in addition to content we've purchased, we have access to ebooks and audiobooks owned by other libraries in the state, as long as they're not currently checked out by users from the owning library. Because priority is given to the owning library, when an item is checked out by someone from the owning library you won't be able to find it in a search. That's why some titles will seem to disappear from time to time.

The limits in CloudLibrary and Overdrive are the same: 14-day checkout, 6 checkouts at one time and 6 holds. Please note, if you want to be notified by email when a CloudLibrary hold becomes available, you will need to go into your CloudLibrary settings and turn on email notifications. After you log in on a computer click on "Settings," and on the app click on "Account," then "Notifications." You'll need to turn that setting on and enter your email address. When a hold becomes available in CloudLibrary you'll have 3 days to check it out. If you haven't checked it out after 3 days the item becomes available to the next person.

Why do I have to wait so long for some books?
We routinely purchase one copy per six holds of the most popular titles, but some publishers are beginning to limit the number of copies we can purchase. For instance, beginning November 1 Macmillan will allow us to purchase only one copy of their best-sellers for the first eight weeks they're available. If you believe there's a problem with a hold please contact us and we'll be happy to check on it. 

Can I use CloudLibrary books on a Kindle?
Kindle Fire yes, Kindle Reader no. You can find instructions for installing the CloudLibrary app on a Kindle Fire by clicking here. Ebooks for a Kindle reader are available in Overdrive. Sorry, we don't have audiobooks for a Kindle Reader. 

A book I checked out once in CloudLibrary isn't there anymore. Why did it disappear?
We have access to items owned by other libraries only when they're not checked out. When someone else has one of those items checked out it becomes unavailable to us, and you won't find it in a search. If you do a search for it periodically it should show up again eventually. The items we've purchased will always show up in a search, and if it's checked out you'll be able to put a hold on it. 

Can I listen to CloudLibrary audiobooks on my MP3 player?
In order to listen to CloudLibrary audiobooks, you'll need a device that has the CloudLibrary app on it, or a computer that can access the CloudLibrary website. If you can't download the app onto your MP3 player you won't be able to play CloudLibrary audiobooks on it. You can listen to CloudLibrary audiobooks on your phone when it's not connected to the internet, but if you don't want to use your phone, you can also use an old Android phone that's no longer on a phone plan, or you can purchase an inexpensive, unlocked phone, not put it on a phone plan, and use it as a portable media player. An Android phone not on a phone plan can use a wifi connection to download the CloudLibrary app and audiobooks, and it will play audiobooks when it's not connected to wifi. There are detailed instructions on how to use an old phone for this purpose here. There's another guide here. We've successfully tested this Nokia and this Slide phone as portable media players without phone plans that will play CloudLibrary audiobooks. If you need additional information please use this form to contact us.

Why were audiobooks moved from Overdrive to CloudLibrary?
Transferring our audiobooks to CloudLibrary was part of our obligation to gain access to CloudLibrary, which includes items from other libraries in the state that use CloudLibrary. The trade-off for losing the convenience of Overdrive audiobooks was access to many more audiobooks than we could afford to have in Overdrive. At this time we do plan to keep a small collection of audiobooks in Overdrive.