Network Division

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Network Division

The Network Division supports our customers both internal and external by providing Network, Security and Telecomm services:

Network – Designs, develops, implements and maintains all networking systems. This includes all routing and switching equipment. All public and private wireless access for the county and the public. Provide high availability for all circuits to provide stable resources to our customers.

Security – Design, develops, implements and maintains all security systems. We maintain the security perimeter with strategically placed firewalls, Intrusion Protection Systems, Web content filtering, email security and archiving, mobile data management. We also provide Security surveillance and access control for county facilities.

Telecommunications – Designs, develops, implements and maintains all telecommunications systems to the county. This includes Wide Area Network (WAN) transmission infrastructure and Cisco Voice over IP telephony system. We maintain all call centers throughout the county. Maintain and troubleshoot all phone circuits for reliable communications for our customers.