Indrio Savannahs Preserve

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5275 Tozour Road
Fort Pierce, Florida 34951

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Purchased to protect the savannahs wetland system, this site features three miles of trails that cover the 297-acre site, including an observation tower and a fishing pier. The 35-acre lake is designated as a “catch-and-release” area and contains a kayak/canoe launch. Part of the statewide "Great Florida Birding Trail," the site provides excellent opportunities for wildlife watching.


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Additional Information

Trails: 3 miles
Habitat: A portion of the site consists of an extensive freshwater wetland system (basin swamp) that was formed west of the Atlantic Coastal Ridge. Contains good examples of Pine flatwoods, scrubby flatwoods, scrub and depression marsh.
Commonly seen wildlife: Alligator, osprey, heron, ibis, egret, spoonbill and sandhill crane. The site is a part of the "Great Florida Birding Trail" providing excellent opportunities for birding.

Historical Interest

The existing 35-acre lake was formerly a mine and is designated a Catch and Release area. Only electric motors are permitted on the lake.

  • Much of the property was a platted subdivision that was never built. The existing grassed roads and ditches will be restored into a natural condition.


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