Coordinated Contractors

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Community Transit Coordinator (CTC)

The Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) is a transportation entity recommended by a metropolitan planning organization, or designated official planning agency to ensure that coordinated transportation services are provided to the transportation disadvantaged population in a designated service area. The goal of the CTC is to coordinate the availability of efficient, cost-effective and quality transportation services for transportation disadvantaged people as outlined in section 427.0155 of the Florida Statute.

Responsibilities include:

  • Establishing contracts with local transportation providers under a Coordinated Contractor Agreement that include performance and safety standards.

  • Collecting annual operating data information is submitted to the Commission to the Transportation Disadvantaged.

  • Approving and coordinating the utilization of school bus and public transportation services in accordance with the transportation disadvantaged service plan.

  • Reviewing all applications for local government, federal, and state transportation disadvantaged funds, and develop cost-effective coordination strategies.

  • Establishing eligibility guidelines and priorities for recipients of non-sponsored transportation disadvantaged services.

  • Taking full responsibility for the delivery of transportation services for the transportation disadvantaged as outlined in Florida Statute 427.015(2). (9).

  • Providing regional assistance in the development of innovative transportation services.

Transportation Disadvantaged Trust Fund (FS 427.0159)

The Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged (CTD) administers the Transportation Disadvantaged Trust Fund monies that are collected for the purpose of purchasing transportation services from community transportation coordinators or public, private, or private nonprofit transportation operators within the coordinated transportation system.

Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged

The Florida administrators for transportation disadvantaged funding (FS 427.012, FS 427.013), that strives to ensure the coordination of transportation for Florida's most vulnerable people.

Potential Coordinated Contractors

Please click the link below to access the intake form to become a Coordinated Contractor for St. Lucie County.

Coordinated Contractors Application

Overview for AOR reporting

The link below will provide an overview of how to report AOR information to the CTC once you are approved as a Coordinated Contractor

AOR Reporting Summary