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To advise the Board of County Commissioners on matters relating to codes and regulations that currently preclude Sustainable Practices.

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On October 10, 2006, the Board of County Commissioner adopted Resolution No. 06-272 to establish and implement policies, guidelines, goals and strategic actions to promote sustainability.  The committee was created soon after on November 14, 2006 by Resolution No. 06-325.  Then in April of 2010, Resolution No. 10-115 amended the duties, functions, membership and procedures of the Sustainability Advisory Committee.

Membership Details/Requirements

  • 11 Members serve on the Sustainability Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee
  • Each Board Member shall appoint one (1) member to serve on the Committee
  • Each of the following groups shall also appoint one (1) member:
    • Florida Power and Light
    • Fort Pierce Utilities Authority
    • Port St. Lucie Utilities
    • Treasure Coast Builders Association
    • St. Lucie County Conservation Alliance
    • St. Lucie Economic Development Council
  • In the event any of the six (6) groups above do not appoint a member, and/or the member fails to meet attendance requirements, a member with professional utility experience and/or green building certification may be appointed.

Appointment Terms

Each of the St. Lucie County Board of County Commissioner’s appointments shall run concurrent with the appointing commissioner’s terms

Required for a Quorum

Six (6)

Meetings Held

  • As Needed
  • Environmental Resources Department Conference Room of the Roger Poitras Administration Annex located at 2300 Virginia Avenue, Fort Pierce, Florida

Is Financial Disclosure Required to Serve?


Board Liaison

Amy Griffin, Environmental Resources Director


Board Clerk

Sandra Bogan, Education and Outreach Division Coordinator


Board Members

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