Code Enforcement

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The Code Enforcement Board is a quasi-judicial board that hears and decides cases involving code violations.  The Board has the power to levy fines on properties found in violation. 

Created By

This Code Enforcement Board was created on June 2, 1987 through the adoption of Ordinance No. 87-19.

Membership Details/Requirements

  • Members of the Code Enforcement Board shall be residents of the county
  • Appointments shall be made in accordance with applicable law and ordinances on the basis of experience or interest in the subject matter jurisdiction of the respective Code Enforcement Board, in the sole discretion of the local governing body
  • The membership of each enforcement board shall, whenever possible, include an architect, a businessperson, an engineer, a general contractor, a subcontractor, and a realtor.

Appointment Terms

  • All appointments shall be made for terms of three years.
  • Each one of the five county commissioners shall individually appoint one member to the Code Enforcement Board
  • The Board of County Commissioners shall collectively appoint the other two members
  • Code Enforcement Board members collectively appointed by the Board of County Commissioners shall not serve more than two consecutive full three-year terms.
  • Code Enforcement Board members individually appointed by one county commissioner may serve more than two consecutive terms. However, when a county commissioner leaves office, his successor may replace the member appointed by his predecessor with an individual of his choosing who shall complete the unexpired term of the replaced member.

Required for a Quorum

Four (4)

Meetings Held

  • 1st Wednesday of every month
  • County Commission Chamber of the Roger Poitras Administration Annex located at 2300 Virginia Avenue, Fort Pierce, Florida

Is Financial Disclosure Required to Serve?


Board Liaison

Danielle Williams, Code Enforcement Supervisor


Jack Krieger, Outside Counsel

Board Clerk

Debbie Isenhour, Planning Technician


Board Members

Appointed By                                   
Term Expires                          
Pete Spatara
 Commissioner Dzadovsky
Ken Waters
 Commissioner Mitchell  03/2022
Ralph Fogg
 Commissioner Bartz
Margaret Monahan
 Commissioner Hutchinson
Wes Taylor
 Commissioner Townsend
Randy Murdock
Richard Pancoast
 At-Large  12/2021