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TCIA entrance groundbreaking


St. Lucie County is investing more than $19 million in the Treasure Coast International Airport and Business Park. In the early part of next year, every corner of the airport complex will have construction activity.

  • Rehabilitation of Customs and Border Protection Facility
    • Complete Rehabilitation and modernization of the Customs and Border Protection Facility.


  • Construction of the New Taxiway G Connector
    • Taxiway G connects Runway 10R with Training runway 10L/28R. This connection reduces the need for training aircraft to use the airports primary runway for take-off at the beginning of training or landing at the end of training. The result is a reduction in noise pollution to noise sensitive areas near the airport.


  • Airport Entrance Improvements
    • The Airport Entrance improvement project is a complete rehabilitation and beautification of the airport entrance including new signage, landscaping, and relocation of power poles.  


  • Terminal parking lot rehabilitation 
    • The terminal parking lot rehabilitation is an extension of the entrance way project. The project also consists of landscaping, signage, a mill and overlay of the existing asphalt, asphalt marking, new traffic control signage and marking, and the installation of an electric vehicle charging station.


  • Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan (ALP) update
    • The Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan(ALP) is a road map for what the airport can become over the next years. Current airport usage data is compiled and historical trends are analyzed. Community needs are then accounted for through a public involvement program that includes several workshops during the course of the project. The data and workshops are then used to develop facility requirements and airport development alternatives while considering the environmental impacts, and financial feasibility. Finally, an Airport layout plan is developed that gives an overview of what the airport could become after approval by the Federal Aviation Administration.


  • MRO Hangar Design and Construction
    • The MRO hangar is being designed to house up to two (2) Boeing 737’s or airbus A320/321’s for major maintenance activities that can take upwards of 10,000 man hours. The facility will be approximately 45,000 square feet which will include 5,000 sq/ft of office space, 5,000 sq/ft of shop space for tools and equipment, and 35,000 sq/ft of hangar space for housing the aircraft undergoing maintenance.


  • Rehabilitation and Re-alignment of Taxiway D1
    • The rehabilitation and re-alignment of Taxiway D1 is designed to bring the taxiway into full compliance with FAA regulations that have changed over time. 


  • Construction of South Apron adjacent to Runway 10L
    • Currently there is no apron adjacent to the training runway. The addition of an apron will assist in maintaining smooth, and safe operations on the north training runway.


  • Rehabilitate airport Navigational Aids (Navaids)
    • This project consists of replacing the localizer and glideslope shelter. Replacing the airport beacon, rehabilitating the beacon tower, and installing a state of the airport lighting control panel in the air traffic control tower.


  • Master Drainage Plan Update
    • This plan includes survey, field review, and hydraulic modeling to address current issues with airfield and off airfield flooding of aviation related facilities. It will be an update to the previous plan to address the current issues as well as future development. Specific attention is being given to areas of the airfield that are scheduled for alteration (construction) in the near future. These areas include undeveloped parcels on TWY E and TWY D.


  • Drainage Improvements
    • Project consists of improving existing drainage areas to minimize erosion of on airport areas as shown in the Master Drainage Plan update.


  • Design for the Micro-surfacing of Runway 14/32
    • This project is for the design to mill and overlay Runway 14/32. The design will include the relocation of several lights and adjustments to the fillet geometries at various taxiway lead-ins.


  • Design and Install Segmented Circle and Windsock for Runway 10L/28R
    • This segmented circle will be positioned to provide visual wind information to pilots using the airports training runway. A visual wind reference allows pilots to make more informed decisions during the approach, landing, and take-off phases of flight due to increased situational awareness.  This results in greater operational safety.


  • Rehabilitate Segmented Circle and Windsock
    • The rehabilitation of the current windsock includes a thorough cleaning and the addition of more concrete pads as well as an upgrade to LED lighting.


  • North Industrial Park Environmental Assessment
    • Conduct environmental study related to the feasibility of the creation of a north industrial/commerce park that would be related to the expansion of Indrio Road, which borders the airport to the north and has access to highway and rail components. The study analyzes the environmental impacts that the construction of an Industrial park would have, and proposes actions to mitigate any impacts that may occur.


  • Aircraft Noise and Operations Monitoring System (NOMS)
    • The Aircraft Noise and Operations Monitoring System consists of two elements:  permanent noise monitoring stations and FAA radar data for the purpose of acquiring flight track information. Data from both the noise monitors and the FAA radar monitors are fed to a central computer that will be located in the administration office at the Airport. The integration of these two systems will allow the airport to gather information on the movement of aircraft and noise levels in communities surrounding Treasure Coast International Airport


  • Security System upgrades
    • The security system upgrade consists of the installation of four video monitoring camera’s and associated computer equipment.


  • Installation of High Mast Lighting for the Airport Terminal and Customs Facility apron
    • High Mast lights that will illuminate the entire terminal and customs apron.