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Memorial Day Diorama Display @ MS Library

Recreating History in Miniature

Multiple dioramas will be on display including the French cavalry charge from the Battle of Waterloo, Rorke's Drift from the British colonial period, Rome,7 Year's War, Custer's Last Stand, American Civil War, American Revolutionary War, The Battle of Omdurman from the British colonial period, and a World War One diorama.

Diorama builder Enrico Capo, from a very young age, has always had an interest in history and miniature sol-diers. The designing and building of miniature historical dioramas, recreating famous scenes from battles throughout history, melds these two interests together.

Mr. Capo holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in education from Florida Atlantic University and Jacksonville University. He was born in Vero Beach, Florida and has lived in Florida his entire life. He has been married to his wife Jane for eight years and she helps with the displays both in set-up and discussing the history behind them.

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Contact: Sandy Henry-Gordon
Phone: 772-337-5632

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