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Art History Lecture: The Road To and Through Impressionism @ MS Library

The Road To and Through Impressionism

Presented by Fred Dixon, author of 700 Years of Art History: Pre-Renaissance to Modernism.
Mr. Dixon studied for 2 years at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia and also served as a docent there. Mr. Dixon’s areas of expertise cover Renaissance art, the Post-Renaissance, Baroque art, the Pre-Impressionist period, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism and 20th century modernism.

This lecture will describe how art history progresses as the art pendu-lum swung throughout the 19th century. It has been said, “The road to Impressionism goes straight through the forest of Fontainebleau.” That is where the Barbizon painters gathered and they are considered the Pre-Impressionists. Then came Manet who is a great example of how art history progress-es. Two of his paintings represent turning points in art history. The Im-pressionists rallied around him and he became like a spiritual leader to the group.
Finally, there were the true Impressionists. Paintings by Morisot, Pissar-ro, Sisley, Renoir and Monet are now considered the height of serenity and beauty but that was not always the case. Hear how Impressionism got its name and why it was considered vulgar and ridiculous early on.

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