Household Hazardous Waste Program

This facility is permitted to accept household generated hazardous waste only.  No business generated hazadous waste will be accepted under any circumstances.  There is no charge to dispose of household hazardous waste at the St. Lucie County Baling and Recycling Facility. Acceptable limits of household hazardous waste is 5 gallons of liquid and no more than 100 pounds of solid or granular material per household / per day.


Note: Latex paint is water based and therefore not hazardous. Latex paint must be dried prior to disposal.


Items Not Accepted

  • Explosives - flares, dynamite
  • Radioactive Waste - smoke alarms
  • Bio-hazardous Waste - sharps (used needles)
  • Ammunition - shotgun shells, bullets, etc


Businesses looking for Hazardous Waste Information please CLICK the following link:

Small Quantity Generator Program