Residents Asked Not To Pick Berries, Flowers at Preserves

It is illegal to pick berries and flowers on county-owned preserves.
St. Lucie County has more than 70 public parks and environmental preserves that provide a sanctuary for wildlife, promote a diversity of native plants, and perform ecological services such as stormwater management, flood control, carbon sequestration, and the cleansing of air and water.  In addition, they provide great public spaces for residents to enjoy the beauty of the natural world around them.

It is the mission of St. Lucie County’s Environmental Resources Department to ensure these preserves continue to support this diversity of plants and animals and the associated quality of life benefits they provide, and to do this staff wants to remind residents that it is illegal to harvest any fruit, berries, plants or animals found throughout these preserves, according to County Ordinance Sec. 32-89 – Preservation of buildings and other property.

Recently staff has encountered people picking palmetto berries from several preserves. Staff has also found signs of poachers who have cut fences and gate chains to access sites after hours. If residents witness any illegal activities on St. Lucie County preserves they are asked to call 911. 

“The berries and flowers that grow in our preserves add to the natural beauty of our preserves. But more importantly, they are the food source for the wildlife that live here and the seed bank for future generations of plants,” explained Amy Griffin, Environmental Resources manager. “When visiting these preserves, we ask that everyone take only photographs, leave only footprints and help us make sure these public spaces are thriving, healthy communities.”  

Purchased through a voter-approved bond referendum, St. Lucie County’s Environmental Resources Department manages more than 9,000 acres that are open to the public for passive recreation. St. Lucie County's preserves are open every day during daylight hours.

For more information about the county's environmental preserves contact the St. Lucie County Environmental Resources Department at 772-462-2526 or visit the County’s interactive map at:


Parks/Preserve Interactive Map

Looking for St. Lucie County's parks and preserves that are near your home? Then click the link below to view our interactive Parks & Preserve Map. Search by amenities or by park or preserve name. 

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