Public Works Department


To serve the citizens of St. Lucie County in a way for residents to receive needed improvements in a timely manner.  To provide St. Lucie County, the Board of County Commissioners, County Administration, and the general public with a solid, dependable infrastructure program through procurement of funds for projects and overseeing a successful outcome.


The Public Works Department consists of the following divisions: Administration, Engineering, Road and Bridge, Water Quality, Solid Waste, and Utilities.


Public Works Administration provides administrative support to all Public Works Divisions and to the general public.

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division proposes, designs and implements projects in stormwater management, transportation system enhancements and infrastructure maintenance. The Engineering Division also implements the Municipal Service Benefit Unit Program (MSBU).

Road & Bridge Division

The Road and Bridge Division manages the operation and maintenance of all roadway and stormwater infrastructure including: mowing, pavement resurfacing, canal cleaning, grading of dirt roads and traffic operations.

Water Quality Division

The Water Quality Division manages and regulates the construction, operation, and maintenance of the stormwater system including: driveway permits, stormwater permits, the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program and the Enhanced Swale Maintenance Program.  

Solid Waste 

The Solid Waste Division operates a 331-acre site that receives and processes solid waste products from residents and commercial properties in St. Lucie County


The Utilities Department provides water and waste water services for residents in the unincorporated St. Lucie County.