American Red Cross Water Safety Registration Guidelines

Water Safety Lesson Registration for Ravenswood Pool
You must call to make an appointment for American Red Cross Water Safety Lessons offered at the Ravenswood Pool located in Port St. Lucie.

Ravenswood Pool
400 Ravenswood Lane Port St. Lucie, Fl 34983

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Learn to Swim:  55 minutes  Pre-school/Parent Child:  40 minutes
$65.00 per session per student
w/ scholarship $30.00 per student

Guidelines For Placement
To view a short video on American Red Cross Water Safety Lessons and class placement, click here

American Red Cross Water Safety Placement Guidelines

Age six months to age three, if not potty trained. (Please have your child wear a swim diaper.)

Must be three, potty trained, is ready to make a break from mom and has not started Kindergarten.

  • 1. Does not want to get their face wet.
  • 2a. Feels comfortable submerging under water but is not able to float independently nor feels comfortable in water over their heads.
  • 2b. Feels comfortable submerging under water and is able to float independently.
  • 3. Able to glide 10 feet or more to the instructor and is ready to learn to swim basic strokes.

Learn to Swim

  • Level 1. (Water Exploration) For students who were in Kindergarten in the 2011-2012 school year and do not like to get their face wet or do not know how to float. (Ages 6 and up)
  • Level 2a. (Primary Skills ) Students need to be able to submerge completely under the water and walk in chest - deep water plus have a basic understanding of how to float.
  • Level 2b. Students must be able to float independently and are merging in the basic strokes but are not ready to swim the width of the pool independently.
  • Level 3. (Stroke Readiness) Students must be able to roll from front float to back float and float for a count of ten plus, be comfortable swimming Front Crawl and Back Crawl across the width of the pool in 5 feet of water.
  • Level 4. (Stroke Fluency) Students must be able to swim the basic five strokes the length of the pool.
  • Level 5. (Stroke Refinement) Students are ready to refine all five strokes and need to increase endurance.

Sponsorship Guidelines

WPSL Christmas Kids Sponsorship Fund and the Children Services Council of St. Lucie County are presently offering financial assistance through sponsorships to eligible St. Lucie County families who wish to place their children (18 and under) in swim lessons.  Eligibility is based on the following income guidelines in the below document.

Sponsorship Application

Lifeguard and Safety Information