Website Link Policy

The purpose of this policy is to insure that our website stays manageable and in focus. The following guidelines define the procedure for handling external link requests.

1. Consideration will only be given to links to government agencies or agencies funded by or closely related to St. Lucie County Board of County Commissioners or the St. Lucie County Constitutional Officers.

2. The request to add a link to the County website will be filtered through the County Webmaster and the County Public Information Officer. If further guidance is required the request should be elevated to the County Administrator for a decision.

3. All link requestors will be notified that their link request has been received and will be notified as to the disposition of their request.

4. No external link request will be permitted in the form of an advertisement, commercial banner, or any other item that detracts from the site design. The County Webmaster and the Public Information Officer will make the recommendation to the County Administrator as to whether a link will be allowed.