St. Lucie Begins Year-Long Second Street-Port Project

St. Lucie County recently began a year-long project to rebuild and transform the entrance to the Port of Fort Pierce and Second Street.
St. Lucie County began a year-long project to rebuild and transform the entrance to the Port of Fort Pierce and Second Street.

St. Lucie County Commissioners recently approved an agreement to accept an additional $542,000 from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to begin this massive project, which includes rebuilding the existing section of Second Street leading into the port area from Fisherman’s Wharf north, including adding critical infrastructure such as electric, gas and sewer improvements, as well as roadway reconstruction with the addition of sidewalks and landscaping.

The state’s contribution, which requires a $542,000 match from county reserves, will be combined with the already $6.2 million that has been budgeted for these improvements. 

“With the additional funding we were able to fund the entire project including utility improvements, inspection, and required testing,” explained St. Lucie County Public Works Director Don West. “FDOT’s participation has been vital to this project, without their support we would not have been able to design and now build Second Street. Overall, FDOT is contributing more than $3.2 million (50 percent) of the total project construction cost.”
Along with roadway and infrastructure improvements, the project will include three new stormwater retention ponds to collect and treat runoff before it reaches the Indian River Lagoon. 

“Providing proper drainage and stormwater retention in that area is critical considering its close proximity to the Indian River Lagoon,” added West.

A large storm water detention pond will be constructed at the Harbor Point property, near the entrance to the park, along with two other ponds, which will be located at the corner of Fisherman’s Wharf and Indian River Drive and the old Police Athletic League Building on the north end of Second Street. Excess soil from these stormwater ponds will be stockpiled in the park to be used by the contractor during construction and removed at the end of the project.

The public is advised that during the construction of the project, contractors will be using a section of Harbour Pointe Park as a staging area for equipment and materials. The construction staging area will be contained within a fenced area, to be established and maintained by the contractor Mancil’s Tractor Service, Inc. The public should be aware that while the park will remain open, traffic on the access road into Harbour Pointe Park may be restricted to one lane during the daytime construction activities. The entire project is scheduled to last 425 days from the start date in March.

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