Economic Development

Innovation Partnership Results

Torrey PinesSt Lucie County is a leader in Florida in many ways, but perhaps in no greater way than being on the cutting edge of green technology, bio-science research, and real economic development. This leadership is a result of strong local public and private partnership that has consistently fostered innovation and produced results.

Nowhere is the success of this innovative partnership more apparent than bringing the bio-science giants Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Science, the Mann Research Center and the Oregon Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute to the Tradition Center for Innovation in Port St Lucie. When combined with long-time resident research facilities at Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, USDA, IFAS and the Smithsonian Marine Institute, St Lucie County is clearly building a strong pedigree in science and research.

Click for More Information on the Florida Center for Innovation PlanBut the success has been long in the making and built upon the foundation of strong partners who have successfully collaborated to create meaningful incentives, a pro-business climate and can-do attitude amongst the partners. The partnership crosses all sectors and includes elected officials, business leaders, educators, bankers, utilities, health care and a host of other local businesses intent upon seeing that the natural advantages this County offers are fully developed. In addition to the recent success in biotech, the partnership has succeeded in helping business like Tropicana, Liberty Medical, PGA of America, Wal-Mart Distribution and QVC locate or expand their operations in St. Lucie County.

TropicanaThis innovative partnership has created the Green Collar Task Force which has established a training center for local tradesmen to be retrained for the green-collar economy. The Green Collar Task Force is one of it's kind in Florida. The GCTF is a collaboration of representatives from St. Lucie County Government, Career Source - Research Coast, a non-profit organization, and a partnership of eight trade unions.

As St. Lucie County works to continue building a sound and resilient local economy, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to locate or expand your business in St. Lucie County!