Costume Inspiration

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Get Creative!

What Can Be in the Parade?

Any animal, plant or natural element can be featured in the parade. You can make a costume,a sculpture, a parade puppet or something in between! We only ask that all entries follow three simple rules:

1. No written or spoken words. We use no words, symbols or lyrics in our art, music or dance.

2. No pets or live animals. We have no live animals in the Procession, with the exception of Service Animals.

3. No motorized vehicles. We do not motorize our creations which includes the use of musical amplification. Of course, a motorized wheelchair is certainly permitted.

Make our Procession Shine!

YOU can help us make the Procession fun for everyone....participants and observers!  Here’s how:

  • BE your species!  Make it a theatrical experience.
  • Interact with the them your pinchers, do your be dance, tickle them with your tentacles, etc.
  • DANCE to the music or beat....better yet, include your own music or beat.  Be lively and CELEBRATE nature!


Special Considerations

Keep it Green-- Using recycled and re-purposed materials makes your costume cheap and eco-friendly! Old boxes, shopping bags and plastic bottles are just a few things that can be used to make larger-than-life entries!

Size Restrictions--the Procession will take place at the Indian River Lagoon Science Festival along the waterfront in downtown Ft Pierce. Entries should be no larger than 10 feet wide and 12 feet tall to fit on parade route. 

The More the Merrier-- Why be one fish when you could be a whole school? Including others in your entry is a great way to take a simple idea and make it extraordinary! Registration is open to school groups, clubs, sports teams, or even just you and your friends!

Wheels-- the parade route is a mixture of paved and unpaved surfaces. Wheels should be rugged enough to handle dirt and grass. Large wagon wheels or those used on outdoor carts work great!

Don't Get Blown Away-- the parade will take place along the waterfront and given the time of year it may be windy. Please be aware large and/or tall entries may be affected by the wind and may require extra handling and attention.

Looking for Ideas?

Check out the original Procession's website for some great ideas on entries and costumes--and how to create them!

Or get Advice from an Artist!

Interested in the Procession of the Species but need help with your entry?

Leading up to the celebration, local artists will be available to help you find inspiration, tackle a tricky project or just provide their knowledge and expertise.


Stay tuned for more information about upcoming workshops and our next event!