Procession of Species

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Designed to create a cultural exchange rather than an entertainment event, the Procession seeks to bridge the arts, the environment, and our local community. It involves citizens in a creative process affirming art's place in the forum of public expression, it awakens public sensibilities to the issues surrounding environmental awareness and protection, and it enhances the exchange between local schools, local government, businesses, and civic organizations.

Who creates the Procession?

You do, along with dozens of community organizations and hundreds of volunteers.

Join us in creating Procession Art, Music, and Dance Studios in your neighborhood. Spread the word by getting together with your friends, colleagues, clubs, or any of your business or social groups. If you’re a teacher, business leader, art supporter, musician, dance instructor or just someone interested in bringing the community together, consider supporting or getting in on the ground floor. Keep an eye on the SLCProcession webpage for updates, or contact Wren Underwood at (772) 785-5833;

There are only Three Rules

¨ No written or spoken words. We use no words, symbols or lyrics in our art, music or dance.

¨ No pets or live animals. We have no live animals in the Procession, with the exception of Service Animals.

¨ No motorized vehicles. We do not motorize our creations which includes the use of musical amplification. Of course, a motorized wheelchair is certainly permitted.

The Original Procession

The Procession of the Species originated in Olympia Washington in 1995, and helped to define Olympia as a cultural tourism hub. Captivating audiences with art, music, and dance, Procession now draws people from around the nation. Called "Olympia's crown jewel," the Procession has cultivated a rich relationship between all areas of the community, providing both the public and private sectors with a true investment in community empowerment.

The Mission of the Procession of the Species is to empower communities to engage in cultural relationships with the natural world as a means of sustaining efforts of environmental protection and restoration.

Contact Wren Underwood at (772) 785-5833

Stay tuned at for upcoming Art Studio events.

 Click here to download the Procession of Species flyer