Kilmer Branch Library will be closed until Tuesday, May 29 (the day after Memorial Day) for major renovations of the first floor. All other branches will remain open as per their usual schedules. 

Items checked out from Kilmer
Items checked out from Kilmer prior to closing that would normally be due while the building is closed will not be due back until June 5, one week after Kilmer reopens. Items that are overdue before Kilmer closes will not accrue additional fines while the building is closed. Please note the outside returns will not be available while the building is closed, but items may be returned to any other St. Lucie County branch library.

Item holds with a pickup location of Kilmer
Patrons who have holds with a pickup location of Kilmer that become available during the closure will be called by phone and given the option of suspending the hold until the building reopens on May 29 or picking the item up at another branch. While the building is closed email notices will not be sent; all notification for Kilmer holds will be done via phone. Patrons who suspend their hold will not lose their place in the holds line, though patrons behind them in the holds queue may have their holds filled prior to May 29. For instance, a hold in first place in the holds queue that is suspended will probably have holds behind it filled while it is suspended, but on May 29 it will again be at the front of the line, and it will be filled with the next available copy.  

Patrons with Kilmer holds that are likely to be filled while the building is closed are encouraged to change the pickup location of their hold to another branch to prevent a delay in getting their item. The pickup location of a hold can be changed by logging in to the online catalog, clicking on the Holds tab, selecting the hold and clicking on "Edit Pickup Location"; or by calling any St. Lucie County branch library. Holds can also be suspended in the online catalog.

We apologize for any inconvenience. For more information please call 772-462-1615.