Workplace Drug Testing

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  • —Decreases in absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover, and theft; increases in productivity; overall improved morale.
  • —Better health status among many employees and family members and decreased use of medical benefits.
  • —Decreased premium costs for certain kinds of insurance, such as workers’ compensation.
  • —Employees, employee representatives, and unions often welcome drug-free workplace programs.
  • —Current users of illegal drugs prefer organizations that do not have such programs.

Treasure Coast business owners know the value of having great employees who are drug free.  Studies show that employees who abuse drugs and alcohol are more likely to change jobs frequently, be late or absent to work, be less productive, be involved in accidents and are more likely to file workers’ compensation claims.

You may use the St Lucie County Drug Lab to drug screen your new applicants and contractors as well as your existing workforce for as low as $25.00 per drug screen. Drug abusers avoid applying for jobs at businesses that routinely screen applicants.  You can also screen employees who have a workplace accident. Proving that the employee is drug free can make a difference for insurance claims and protects both the employer and the employee.

Having a Drug Free Work Place Program in place puts your employees on notice that you consider substance abuse a serious matter.  You may use the Drug Lab at your discretion, whether or not you have a formal Drug Free Work Place Program in place in both our St Lucie and Okeechobee locations.  

All our tests are run on a chemical analyzer; results are completely confidential. If GCMS confirmation testing is required by your policy, positive samples will be sent immediately to an independent laboratory for GCMS Confirmation and MRO services. By screening and eliminating the negative results at a low cost, you will save money and you can still obtain the required GCMS Confirmation and MRO services for positive screens.

There is no appointment needed and no prior sign-up for drug screens.     Call 772-462-6739 for more information!