County Administration

 Fay W. Outlaw, MPA, County Administrator

Faye W. Outlaw, MPA
County Administrator, ICMA-CM

FCCMA 2011 Career Excellence Award Winner

American City & County Magazine's 2011 County Leader of the Year


 Robert Bentkofsky, Asst. County Administrator
Robert Bentkofsky  
Deputy County Administrator



County Administrator, ICMA-CM
Faye W. Outlaw, MPA

St. Lucie County is governed by five elected Commissioners and an appointed County Administrator.  The Board of County Commissioners has entrusted the position of County Administrator to Faye Outlaw.  Ms. Outlaw supervises the day-to-day workings of the County, manages the annual budget and oversees the County’s operating departments and divisions. 

Ms. Outlaw was appointed County Administrator by the Board of County Commissioners in January 2009.  From 2004 to 2009, she served as an Assistant County Administrator. 

Under Ms. Outlaw’s guidance, the County has undergone a major overhaul and restructuring of its operations.  This entailed a restructuring of its prior 18 operating departments and 45 operating divisions.  The new organizational structure consists of nine operating departments and 27 operating divisions which function as a more efficient and cohesive governmental entity.

Additionally, the County has enhanced the level of public-private partnerships to maintain several core programs and services.  From library services, arts and cultural programming, regional history center operations to artificial reefs deployments and controlled burns, dedicated members of our community are working in partnership with the County to continue the provision of these as well as other vital services to our residents, stakeholders and visitors.

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